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I heard someone refer to May recently as “May-cember,” and I felt that on so many levels. Life can get a little chaotic this time of year, thinking about everything you need to finalize while the last few weeks of school are commencing and summer is quickly approaching. Plus, if you have a senior, you’re thinking about their “must do’s” on top of summer vacation planning and your regular daily tasks…

* Get the graduation outfit, shoes, and accessories together
* Get the prom outfit, shoes, and accessories together
* Plan a graduation party
* Get a graduation present
* Graduation photoshoot

I could see how this list would be daunting, and I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

So, let me take one thing off your plate and have their senior portraits done with Be Present Studios.

We can take care of everything for their session, including hair and makeup, location, props, and outfits. All you have to do is drop them off, and we will take care of them for up to three hours, providing you with stunning, unique images.

Even better? We offer payment plans because, as a Mama of 3 myself, I can understand the financial commitment all of this planning incurs.

Much like our customized approach to each client session, we also offer a customized approach to payment options. Divide your payments to spread out the cost rather than forking out the lump sum on top of all the other expenses of senior year.

Let us help alleviate your plate leading into summer and shoot me a message to get booked today before our spots fill up!