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Indulge your senses and explore the world of allure and intimacy with us! Our blog is your personal sanctuary for all things boudoir. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or just embarking on this enchanting journey, we've curated a space where sensuality meets empowerment.

Let the journey begin!

I'm Jo


A lot has been happening over here … let me tell you!

It started in August when I began working as a full-time photographer. I had been talking about wanting to do that for a couple of years and then the universe said, “OK!” and closed one door … at which point I threw myself 100% into Be Present.

Keller High School Senior 2021
Tori Tofani – KHS Senior 2021

I have been busy with seniors, families, but mostly boudoir! It is a wonderful thing, to help women feel confident, sexy, and powerful! I was able to wrap up 2020 by replacing my previous income, making some great new friends, and pushing myself to continue to grow as a photographer.

2021 … let’s do this!!!

With the start of 2021 I put some new goals out into the universe … going to put them here for accountability.

1 – learn video within six months: I have been wanting to begin digging into this as it feels as a great addition to what I’m currently doing. I have the modules, so I’m ready! Just have to slow down a bit and schedule in time to be intentional in my video practice!

2 – have a studio space within six months: I would love to be able to have a dedicated studio space where I can bring in clients, host client meetings, and do my editing work … plus I have plans for changing the way my workflow goes, and it’ll be easier to make this happen if I have a space.

3 – within the next two years be able to bring Christian full-time into the business!!! This is definitely a long-term goal, but I’m focused on it! Gotta make it happen!

I’m glad you’re here!

I’m glad you’re here to follow this journey! I hope along the way I get to meet each of you!

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