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I'm Jo


Senior Pictures are more than just dressing up and taking a few photos to share for you final year of High School. It’s all about you, as the star of the shoot to create gorgeous, inspiring & dramatic images that tell your story! The story you want to be told, all through photography and to capture who you are, both in personality and style.

3 tips and tricks on how I make Seniors feel comfortable and to get you the best result.

Having a great wardrobe
From having your own wardrobe in your closet, to putting on gowns and looking your ‘Sunday’ best, you want to feel confident, and ready to feel like it’s your own modeling photoshoot. At Be present Studios, we can use your own wardrobe, plus gowns and special props for you to create images unlike anything you’ve seen.

To ease the initial awkwardness, let’s start simple
Starting with simple poses, like just sitting and keeping it relaxed can allow for that initial awkwardness out of the way. At the beginning, seniors may be a bit nervous and have never done something quite like this, so I want them to feel comfortable with the process.

Empower them with standing/confident poses
Once they begin to feel comfortable, we want them to be able to express themselves with modern and confident portraits. Showing how they can be authentic, confident & empowering and to really express their true emotions and desires.

High School Senior

Here at Be Present Studios, I strive to work together to create something that uniquely YOU. Not a single person is exactly like each other. This is more than just a photoshoot, it’s an experience and a journey together to create something magical in your story!

Tell me in the comments what is it that makes a senior portrait the best for you!