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Jo is an award-winning  photographer based in Dallas/Fort Worth.

I'm Jo


Ladies! It’s true!

You don’t have to “know how to girl,” or know how to pose… I help you all along the way.

Insecurities? GONE! We laugh and have an amazing time and I’m ROOTING you on the whole time! I will show you pics in real time on my camera… and they are hot!

Don’t know what to do with hair and makeup? No problem! It’s available to every client if they choose to have it done! And no cookie cutter looks here… everyone gets time to chat about what they’d like to look like and their look is created for them!

You know, all you really need is YOU! That’s right! Right now! Yep… you have had a baby and your body is different… maybe you’ve gained weight… maybe you have felt down on how your body looks.





Honor that body that carries you through each day.

Honor that body that allows you to do the things you want to do.

Honor that body that allows you to love on your family and framily!

Stop picking yourself apart!


Let me help you to see that!!!!!

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