Client Testimonials

Be Present Studios

Ms. A

I had an incredible experience at Be Present Studios for my boudoir photo shoot. Jo's skills not only captured gorgeous images, but her professionalism and fun demeanor immediately put me at ease. Despite initial insecurities, the entire experience left me feeling comfortable and confident. The thoughtful touch of reading an inspirational message from the previous client and being able leaving one for the next added a unique, empowering aspect. If you're contemplating a boudoir shoot, just do it – nothing makes you feel more beautiful and helps you to appreciate YOU! Thank you so much, Jo. Highly recommend!!

Ms. K

I did my first ever boudoir photo shoot with Jo a few weeks ago. I had thought about it for literally years, but never did - life gets busy, plus the idea made me quite nervous!
Fast forward to now, when I’m, let’s just say … 50+, and I I thought — I really DO want to do this! One thing that attracted me especially to Jo’s images online was her use of shadow - gorgeous!
At my session, Jo was professional, yet fun and friendly. She made the process easy and my nervousness melted away from the start. My images turned out amazing! I’m so glad that I found Jo and I finally did this!

Ms. M

If you’re looking to feel simply beautiful in your own skin, Jo is your girl! Her sets are gorgeous, her ideas are specific to you, and she helps and guides you the entire way. She helps you feel so confident and the results are amazing. She helped me to see what my husband does. I’m looking forward to booking another session! 

Ms. A

Last year my husband and I were turning 50 and going to celebrate in Italy with my best friend and her husband. I wanted to give my husband a gift that would blow his mind and some thing that he would not expect.
I had contacted Jo before to do a boudoir session and always ended up cancelling as I saw so nervous. This time I took the plunge. I contacted Jo about 2 weeks before we actually set up the photo shoot as I had decided on this almost last minute. Since I decide to do a magazine we had to allow time for Jo to edit, put everything together and ensure it would be mailed before I left for Italy. Jo was amazing as she did my shoot on a Saturday which I so appreciated her giving up her time with her family to do this for me.
The week leading up to my shoot was horrid as my mom ended up on hospital so I was very unprepared come the day of my shoot. I had all these outfits I bought that I had not tired on and didn’t really know what I did or didn’t want to wear. I told Jo I would do my own hair, I’m not really a make up person besides base and lipstick so did not decide on makeup as I wanted to look like myself. The night before the shoot I messaged Jo saying I think I need makeup, especially after the week I was having with little sleep and lots of stress. Jo was wonderful and told me to bring my make up and she would do it for me. I was thrilled! 
The morning of the shoot I threw all my stuff together and headed to the studio, nervous but a little to stressed over my mom to think about it too much. 
When Jo arrived and we got inside the studio she first asked me what was going on with my mom, our conversation around this helped me greatly and made me feel a little more at ease. We then went through all my outfits and decided on what to use. Jo’s guidance her was wonderful. Jo did my make up for me ensuring it was not over done and that I was comfortable with it. Then we got to action and started with poses and the shoot. I promise you I laughed so much at trying to get into the poses correctly all while having so much fun. This was just what I needed. I am very conscious of my body and totally not comfortable being half naked around people but I never once felt uncomfortable around Jo. She just knows how to put you at ease, make you feel relaxed and beautiful while enjoying the moment all at the same time. She really has a gift. The two hour photo shoot flew by and was over before I even knew it. I left there that afternoon feeling like a completely different woman than I did that morning. Jo got my profile ready for me to decide on my photos within days. If anything I was the one behind on getting my love letter for my magazine and questionnaire completed. Eventually I got it done, picked my photos and Jo sent everything off to be printed. I honestly couldn’t wait to get my magazine and even more see what my husband’s reaction would be. Once it arrived I was thrilled to pieces with it. Jo has such a good eye for photography and captures you in ways you never knew existed. The magazine went all the way to Italy and I gave it to my husband on the morning of his birthday. He was totally blown away. I don’t think in his wildest dreams he ever thought this was something I would do. 
If you on the fence about what to do, speak to Jo, she will give you all the guidance you need and make you feel like a super model on the day. It is definitely something you will thank yourself for doing and have no regrets. 

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