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In life, waiting until you feel ready can be a missed opportunity. Ready is a myth; all we truly have is the present moment."

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Ms. G

Absolutely wonderful experience with Jo. She is professional yet warm. I will definitely use her again in the future. 

Before and After

How has a boudoir photography session ignited a spark in your life? As my clients step into the studio, the anticipation is palpable. While the journey is unique for each, a shared revelation emerges post-boudoir. Fulfilled and grateful, they bask in the afterglow of this bold venture. The session becomes a celebration of embracing the allure of the female form. Seemingly imperceptible flaws like stretch marks and insecurities vanish behind the lens, leaving only the intoxicating essence of femininity. These women, captured in their most authentic moments, exit the studio not just changed, but sensually awakened. A surge of empowerment and self-love, perhaps dormant for years, is rekindled in the lens of self-discovery.

I cannot say enough positive things about Jo with Be Present Studios! I've had other boudoir sessions with various photographers throughout the years, but jo really knocks it out of the park. I always feel incredibly comfortable and confident with her. I love that Jo always has new ideas and keeps it interesting, always making a session feel unique to you. I can NOT wait to get more pics done!

Ms. K

My boudoir session with Jo Duran was a beautiful experience. Feeling comfortable in my own skin was a challenge, but through my experience with Jo, she made me feel confident, safe, and beautiful. I would highly recommend a session with Jo! Body positivity is her motto, and she definitely lives this out as she encourages  you to embrace your own beauty.

Ms. K

My first ever boudoir shoot with Jo, I was so nervous and completely out of my element, that was until we got started! She makes you feel so at ease, and can instinctively tell what you are comfortable with. I loved the images, and made me thirst for more.
Fast forward, and I splurged on a package as a wedding gift for my husband. I explained what I wanted, and Jo made it happen and more. He absolutely loved everything about it!
My husband and I did a couples session too, and the photos were so hot!!
I have since had fun as a Brand Ambassador and was able to help Jo perfecting ideas she wanted to offer with props and themes. 
I ask myself, how many times do I need to get almost naked and get pictures done? I am not sure, there are too many!!
If you have ever thought about doing it, do it NOW. Don't wait 'until'... you will not regret it!

Ms. V

Welcome to our inclusive portrait
and boudoir studio!

At our studio, we are dedicated to showcasing the beauty and humanity of all body types!

Our mission is to capture the essence of who you are, so you can see what the world already recognizes – your beauty and perfection
in this very moment.

We understand that this experience may make you feel vulnerable, but rest assured, we are here to support you at every step of the journey!

You are not alone; we're here to celebrate
and empower you!

Dallas/Fort Worth
Boudoir Photography

My goal is to help every client see for themselves what others already see in them!"

I am SO ready!

Jo (she/her) knows that stepping out of the box of conformity can make many a little uneasy... but this is where she thrives! 

Every client that she crosses paths with becomes a new friend, and she's ready to make your acquaintance!

Are you ready?

Lover of vintage and classic styles mixed with a bit of sass! She loves being her own person and stepping out of her comfort zones!

Meet Jo

Owner, Photographer, Artist

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