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Maybe you’ve just booked your first professional shoot with a local photographer and you don’t even know where to start, or maybe you’re considering if it’s right for you. We went ahead and gathered a few of our best tips when preparing for a professional photography session for any occasion.

First, create a mood/inspiration board; Pinterest is your friend here! Find your favs, and don’t be afraid to include your least favs, so your photographer knows what NOT to do. You want to be sure you include your personality and uniqueness within the shoot, so give your photographer all the information.

Prepare and try your attire on before your session, especially for a family shot. Ensure everyone is coordinating the way you hoped, and this will give you time for any last-minute changes.

Create a list of MUST have shots. Your board can include any cute poses, so you don’t forget when you’re put on the spot during your shoot.

Lastly, be sure to share with your photographer as you prepare, they are the professional, and they LOVE this stuff. They will likely give the best advice and tips! Connect, collaborate, and create something unique and so special to you.

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