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I'm Jo


Gina and I have shot together in the past, but it was at an event that limited our time, so when I asked if she wanted to do something a little crazy she was up for it!

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I had this idea to shoot in a bar… yep… a dive bar!

I got it all set up and boy was it dark in there! I’ve gotten used to shooting in spaces that have glorious light flooding in the space, but there was none of that… this space is a black box! So much so that when we finished and walked outside, we were literally “blinded by the light!” LOL!!! But I digress.

So how did I get these shots??? No biggie when I have my trusty Godox ad400pros! One I had with a tall rectangular gridded soft box and the other was not diffused at all! Which one did I use on Gina??? One guess!

Shooting at a bar might not be what you’re looking for… but there are a ton of beautiful locations around the DFW area that we can talk about!

Where would you want to do your shoot?



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