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I'm Jo


Gosh … where do I start???





Christian and I have been together since 1995 … I KNOW! I can’t believe it either! We have been happily married since March of 2001. In 2006 we welcomed Eva and in 2011 the twins, Elena and Ana, joined us. We also have two Boston Terriers, Tyrion and The Hobgobblin!

We love fiercely and purely!

Not to say that raising three girls is easy … FAR FROM IT! LOL! It’s is full of challenges, but it is cool to watch them develop into their own beings that are fully capable of making decisions and developing ideas!

My family
The whole Duran brood

I was always a creative and throughout my adulthood, my creativity showed up. As a classroom teacher for 13 years, I was always creating with and for my students and families. Then when I went into curriculum and instruction, I was creating for our teachers, administrators, and district leadership.

When I moved over to the Career and Technical side of our district, I made quick friends with our photography teacher and our graphic design teacher. My job was to help them with pedagogy, but I ALWAYS walked away learning something of having questions about something I saw/heard in their classes. Because I have always been a learner, these interactions served as a catalyst for me!

In July 2019, I made a huge move in my career when I decided to leave public education after 19 years and I took a role with a local architecture firm that specializes in educational buildings. When COVID-19 struck in March, I went to working remotely and continued to do so for months, until August when I was laid off. Not ever having worked in the private sector, I had zero experience with this and it came as quite a shock to the system.

For about two years, I was running Be Present as my side gig, but when I lost my day job, I threw myself 100% into Be Present! It has been quite a ride, but things are good! Between the love and support of Christian and the many clients that I have had the honor of working with, I feel incredibly fortunate!

Be Present is now Be Present Studios, LLC and I hired my husband to help me with various tasks! I have BIG goals for Be Present Studios … have to get that ball rolling!