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Jo is an award-winning  photographer based in Dallas/Fort Worth.

I'm Jo


Sometimes it can be nice to have a graduation photo that isn’t cliche. You know the ones on the railroad tracks or posed in front of the brick wall? Wouldn’t it be nice to get an image of your senior showing their personality? Maybe at the race track, on the farm, or playing their favorite sport.

Listen, I get it; I am that parent who could care less what their child wears on picture day, simply because it’s the same old thing every year. And I know not everyone is fortunate to have a photographer in the family, but that’s why you have Be Present Studios. I’m not just any other photographer; I get that your senior is unique and has their own interests and personality, and we should showcase it in their images.

Each senior should have a personalized, unique session at exciting locations with beautiful outfits that speak to their taste.

Ya, feel me?

I love getting to know each client and their aspirations and putting their ideas into reality through photography. So, if you’re ready to get your seniors the portraits they deserve, let’s chat!