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I'm Jo


We were published again! 

We have done it again!  I recently submitted images to Monochrome Seniors, and these were both chosen for publication!  Click here to see our images! 

These two guys are part of my Senior Influencer Team! You can read more about them here

High school seniors are quickly becoming one of my favorite subjects to shoot. They are looking for new ideas and are ready to show the world who they are…and I’m here to help bring those creative visions to life! 

Summertime is a great time to do senior portraits.


A couple of reasons…

  1. Mark them off the to do list. That list never ends, and boy does it feel good to get something marked off.
  2. The schools start asking for images shortly after school starts. These are for various presentations, websites, and for the yearbook/senior pages.
  3. We can start designing your announcements and/or senior pages now and have them ready for when you need them.
  4. Payment plans can be customized to fit your needs, and giving yourself a bit longer to pay things off can be helpful.

Let’s get that consultation scheduled today!!!

Cannot wait to visit with you!