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Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir

Sandy’s Boudoir Experience

Sandy shares the story of her boudoir photo shoot

When I asked Sandy to write about her boudoir shoot experience with us, she said ABSOLUTELY! After reading it, I was choked up… her transformation has been powerful! Here is her story…

I simply wanted to do a shoot for me. I wanted to learn my definition of sexy, and I knew Jo could help me do that!

Seriously! It’s something I always wanted to try, and I knew I’d be in good hands.

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir

I have always felt very body conscious and insecure. I didn’t want to think about being on camera!

To prepare, I just picked out clothes I wanted and got my nails done… everything else was already taken care of! That made things a ton easier!

The day of the shoot I was a bit nervous, but that soon gave way to excitement!

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir

I loved getting pampered! Having someone else do my hair and makeup was just what I needed to polish the look! The artist did a great job, was easy to talk to and was able to bring my vision to life!

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir
Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir

During the shoot, I slowly got more and more comfortable with the idea of being on camera. I began to feel more confident about myself and in expressing what I wanted.

After the shoot I felt like a new person! I had more confidence in myself and that I had created something that my husband would love!

When I got to see my images for the first time, I cried! I was so excited and felt like they truly captured me!

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir

As I look back on my experience, I realize how much my self image has grown since the shoot. I have a more positive outlook about myself and my body. I really liked that I got to define my version of sexy, and was able to bring it out of myself. You see so much that there is only one way to be sexy and that is simply a terrible misconception!

Sexy is a personal vision, not one defined by society!

Doing a shoot like this can be scary and very intimidating, but you have to trust your photographer, make the decision, and just do it. Breathe and take the leap! It is well worth it!

DFW Boudoir

I always say the shoot and the day was for me… the gorgeous album was for my husband. (But it was for me too… shhhhh…)

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